Source code for desisim.batch


Batch scripts.  Why exactly is this sub-package different from
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function
import math

from desiutil.log import get_logger
_log = get_logger()

[docs]def calc_nodes(ntasks, tasktime, maxtime): ''' Return a recommended number of nodes to use to process `ntasks` within `maxtime` if each one takes `tasktime` minutes. ''' #- number of tasks that can be serially run within maxtime n = int(maxtime / tasktime) nodes = max(4, int(math.ceil(ntasks / n))) runtime = math.ceil(ntasks / nodes) * tasktime _log.debug('Requesting {} nodes for {} tasks'.format(nodes, ntasks, runtime)) _log.debug('Expected runtime {} minutes'.format(runtime)) return nodes